BI Incorporated

Project Brief

BI Incorporated is a company which provides a complete suite of monitoring products and services. The goal was to switch the site from a news to a sales driven site. The customer also wanted the site to be mobile friendly. The site would cater to all levels of Federal and State agencies.

The Problem

The content was disorganized and hard to navigate. The sales team felt like they couldn’t use the site as a tool. We also needed to make the site mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

BI Original Design

The Goal

Objective was to improve leads and sales. The goal was to cater to all levels of users from government agencies to wholesalers. We also needed to improve navigation, showcase the products, provide marketing pieces, and updates about the industry via the blog.

My Role

UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Prototyping and Testing

My Process

We first had to decide how to organize the products. We accomplished that by grouping like products and by popularity. The sales , product teams , and engineers helped with that information.

Brainstorming: We had numerous sessions of discussing sitemaps, personas , and user flow.

Design: My stages of my design process was creating a wireframe then low-fidelty to high-fidelity comps.

Testing the Ideas: We picked a small group of testers that consisted of current customers and internal employees. We asked the groups to tell us the overall experience of the new design . We then asked them to find certain features through the site and to give us their feedback in terms of usability. The findings helped us make some useful tweeks to the design.

Final Product

The client and the sales team found the site helpful in their sales pitches. The current clients were also impressed with the redesign and that they are still able to access their dashboard via the site. To date the site has helped bring in over a million dollars in revenue since its redesign. Final Product